Authentic Signed memorabilia

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Authentic Signed Memorabilia

AutographItNow has been involved with the trading & selling of sports, film & TV memorabilia for over 10 years. We are AFTAL (Autograph Fair Trade Association) approved (Dealer #017 – formerly known as Football Bananas) and all of our memorabilia is 100% authentic and everything is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We are very particular as to where we source our items and regularly attend signing sessions and provide photo proof where possible on our Certificates. We also have a dual hologram system where one item is placed on the Certificate and the other on the signed item.

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We know how important it is to our customers to know that the memorabilia they are buying is 100% authentic. We fully understand this & take the authenticity of our items very seriously. Autograph It Now has been involved with the trading & selling of sports, Film, TV & Historical memorabilia since 2006, in these 10 years we have built up trusting relationships with a select few suppliers who conduct private signing sessions, as well as conducting our own private signing sessions with some of the biggest names in sport. We provide Certificate of Authenticities with all of our items, these include a signing photo from the session (where possible), our Office address, AFTAL dealer number & Product Code. An example of one of our certificates can be seen below: Certificate of Authenticity We have also been a member of the Autograph Fair Trade Association (AFTAL Dealer #017) for the last 10 years, who’s sole purpose is to stamp out the fakes & phonies of the industry & direct customers to legitimate traders of authentic memorabilia. A direct quote from the AFTAL website reads: "Inclusion in AFTAL is proof of each dealer’s commitment and professional competence. The Code of Conduct commits each AFTAL approved dealer to providing authentic items, with all the required knowledge, qualification and diligence that that may demand, and is the best possible proof any collector could have when looking to buy authentic signed memorabilia."